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Chabyer Chaka Salt Lake
One of the Three Largest Lithium Salt Lakes in the World

Located in Renduo village, Zhongba County, Shigatse Region, Tibet, the Chabyer Chaka Salt Lake is one of the three largest lithium salt lakes in the world.

Salt lakes are called "Chaka" in Tibetan. There are more saltwater lakes than freshwater lakes in Tibet. The total area of all salt water lakes is 8000 km², accounting for 2.6% of the total area of Tibet.

Chaka Salt Lakes have their unique charms and are extremely attractive for some travelers. With an altitude of 4429 m and an area of approximately 243 km², the Chabyer Chaka is located in the Renduo village of the Angrencounty of Shigatse region and looks like a cucurbit.  In the middle of Chabyer Chaka, there is a narrowness dividing the lake into a southern and a northern part. The southern part is silvery white from the salt and is completely dry. The northern one has water about 20 cm to 100 cm deep. In the west you can see the snow mountain Ri’argeliang, 6364 m high. The melted water from this mountain pours into the lake. The Chabyer Chaka is a famous carbonate salt lake. There is more borax in it than in any other salt lake and there are also many other salts and minerals in the lake, most of which are sodium, potassium and lithium compounds. The Chabyer Chaka is one of the three largest lithium salt lakes in the world.

The other example of the unusual salt lake is Margog Chaka in northern Tibet. With about 80 km², the lake is in a deserted area. At its "deepest" point, however, the water level is only 5.5 cm. The whole lake looks like a huge mirror or like a large skating rink. Because there are many such Chaka lakes in Tibet, so the salt reserves in this area are very rich. According to preliminary studies of the scientists, just Margai Chaka (the Yorjitai Tso), with an area of only around 70 km², can cover the salt requirements of all of Tibet. However, lush pastures are almost always located in the salt lakes, and many rare animals and birds have gathered here, unless they live here permanently.

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