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Serling Tso
The Largest Lake in Tibet
Liing on the north of the Gangdise Mountains in North-Tibet, and locating on the four-city junction of Xainza, Nima, Bange and Shuanghu, Serling Tso is the largest salt water lake and inland lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Besides, it is the largest lake in Tibet and the second largest salt water lake in China. It is a tectonic lake formed on the course of today's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is a large deep-water lake. As the largest inland lake system in Tibet, Serling Tso is 4530 meters above sea level and 2391 square meters of total area, and stretched 72 kilometers from east to west with an average width of 22.8 kilometers, and its widest in the east is 40 kilometers. There are many rivers and lakes interlaced in the basin, which connects a close inland lake group. In addition to the main lake Serling Tso, there are more than 23 small lakes, such as Geren Tso, Wuru Tso, Rencuo Gongma etc. In summer, a wonderful view is at the lake and thousands of migrant birds inhabit at the island in the lake. For this reason, Tseling Tso and its surroundings are established as the National Nature Reserve for Black-Necked Cranes in China.
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