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Chamdo on the Ancient Tea Horse Road
The Chamdo (Changdu) Prefecture is located in Hengduan Mountains, in the catchment area of three rivers (Jinshajiang River, Lancangjiang River, Nujiang River), in the eastern of the Tibet Autonomous Region and at the junction of Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan. It is the only way that Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway must pass and is also the main place of the ancient "Tea Horse Road". There are living Khampa Tibetan who are keeping their own tradition and culture. Chamdo (Changdu) is in Tibetan meaning “water confluence”. Zhaqu and Angqu meet into Lancangjiang River in Changdu, which is the origin of the name Chamdo (Changdu).
Stadt Chamdo
In der Stadt Chamdo befindet sich der Sitz der Verwaltungsbehörde des Kommissars für lokale Angelegenheiten des Bezirks Chamdo und der Volksregierung des Kreises Chamdo. Er liegt 3240 m...
This cultural relic is named Karub because it was found in the village of Karub, 12 km away from Chamdo. It is a well-preserved relic from the Neo...
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